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North Hollywood Community Programs

The North Hollywood Community Police Station is very proud of its many community programs. We find that these programs are a great way to keep in touch with the entire community, which in turn allows us to better serve those who work and/or live here. Below are descriptions of several of our community programs. New listings and updated information will be added regularly, so be sure to visit this site often. We look forward to seeing more of you benefiting from these activities.

Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis Detail (CAD) continues to support the FASTRAC program. FASTRAC stands for Focus, Accountability, Strategy, Teamwork, Response, and Coordination. It is the Department’s program for analyzing crime problems and patterns, providing immediate information to the officers, detectives, and community members who work on the problems, and for holding employees responsible for the performance of their duties.

The North Hollywood Crime Analysis Detail (CAD) consists of four positions (three civilian and one sworn). Each member of the CAD team is skilled in computer analysis. The personnel produce division specific computer generated maps depicting current crime problems for an identified area. Personnel assist officers and detectives by producing crime alert notifications that are distributed throughout the city. The CAD unit also incorporates into its daily function CalGang responsibilities. This position supports law enforcement efforts to identify gang members and gang-related criminal activities.

Community Police Advisory Board

The North Hollywood Community Police Advisory Board (CPAB) has been in existence since the mid-1990's. The two dozen members of this Board give support, advice and guidance to the management staff of the North Hollywood Area in the identification, prioritization and resolution of local problems.

A major goal of the CPAB continues to be the "Hispanic Outreach Program." Analysis shows that some portions of our community, which contain higher than average amounts of criminal activity, are less involved in Neighborhood Watch and community-police problem solving. Many of these neighborhoods are largely Hispanic in culture. It is also recognized that in areas where people distrust or are distant from their police officers, the people tend to suffer more heavily from crime, gang intimidation and problems such as domestic violence.

Community Policing Philosophy

A longstanding Los Angeles Police Department Management Principle is Public Approbation of Police. North Hollywood Area realizes that the ability of the police to perform their duties is dependent upon public approval of police existence, actions, behavior, and the ability for the police to secure and maintain public respect. The purpose of community policing is ensuring the community we serve knows that their police department is working in partnership with them and addressing their priorities. This is the purpose of the Basic Car Program.

North Hollywood Area’s Basic Car Program, which places additional supervisory oversight into the community policing/problem solving structure and brings Senior Lead Officers closer to their Basic Car beat is fully operational. Senior Lead Officers dedicate a minimum of four out of five workdays to full time community problem solving efforts. This is accomplished by listening to the community, prioritizing concerns, identifying resources available, and following up.

All members of the Basic Car are responsible for developing and maintaining community relationships within the Basic Car Areas. Senior Lead Officers are the Basic Car community-police problem-solving facilitators. Sergeants ensure patrol officers’ available time is used for directed patrol to implement pre-planned problem-solving strategies. Watch Commander’s are responsible for maintaining Basic Car Integrity. North Hollywood’s Commanding Officer, Bruce Crosley, is the chair of the Area Community Police Advisory Board (C-PAB).

East Valley Police Activity League Supporters (PALS)

Our Purpose

The Purpose of the East Valley Police Activity League Supporters is to establish an involvement between the community, local business people, youth and the Police Department. To engage in some meaningful programs designed to improve conditions and public relations within the boundaries of the North Hollywood Area.


This organization is operated by a Board of Directors comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers and is supported by an additional group of volunteers who have always offered their time and efforts towards building a better community.


The League is self-supporting and derives its budget through various fund raising events and general membership. Two of the largest fund raising events are the PALS Luncheon where we honor the Police Officers of the Month and the Year as well as Citizens of the Year, and the Annual Golf Tournament. The funds raised are used to aid in a variety of crime prevention efforts.

Community Benefits

The League is active in the prevention of crime, and maintains a communications link between the community and the police. General Membership meetings are held periodically to inform and educate the public on crime related matters.

The League provides materials for the Neighborhood Watch and Commercial Alert programs in our North Hollywood Area.

They also provide non-budgetary items to the North Hollywood Community Police Station such as cameras, film, fax machines, or any other such items that aid the police in their daily work.

The League also seeks to diminish crime by supporting local youth group programs. These programs teach discipline and respect for the community through fellowship and athletic programs. Anyone who wishes can make a cash donation earmarked for the North Hollywood Division through the East Valley PALS.

For more information regarding PALS, please contact the Community Relations Office at 818-623-4001.

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